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My new foundation obsession

Dior - Diorskin Nude Skin-Glowing Makeup SPF 15

I was using Makeup Forever HD invisible cover foundation, it worked wonders for me until I got sick of it. I felt it was so heavy on my face and while it was perfect with my oily skin it was time to change. The lovely ladies at Sephora helped find a perfect foundation for my face that not only made it look smooth and clean but so soft! The Diorskin Nude Glowing makeup is my LIFESAVER! I don’t know how I went so long without trying it, it works perfectly with my skin tone and it makes my countour look even more amazing!

Have you ever tried Dior makeup?

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Washing hair too much?




I know the title of this post caught your eyes and you are wondering why is this girl saying washing your hair can be too much?

I get my hair done frequently, if its light every 6 weeks and dark I can go as long as 2-3 months without coloring my hair. I love changing up the color & truthfully, I always was afraid of washing my hair after I get my hair colored.. it sounds crazy but what happens if it’s all faded ( yes after one wash) and your perfectly done hair is all ruined! Talking with my stylist , she insisted that me not washing my hair daily is actually a great thing for your hair. You want to preserve the natural oils in your hair so it doesn’t dry it. With all the humidity we put our hair through from curling to straightening why dry it out even more?

The best way to keep your locks & curls from looking like it’s all greased up, I use TRESemme dry shampoo. It seriously is a miracle worker, I can go up to 2 days without washing my hair and it looks so fresh and clean!

What are your thoughts about washing your hair?

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Harry potter #tagpost #giveaway Start!

One of my fellow bloggers Genevieve has the obsession I have with Harry Potter… I am sure you guys know that already by how many posts I have done about it :)

She made a great tag post and here it is!


- First experiences of Harry Potter
My first experience with Harry Potter was when the book came out, I wasn’t quite sure what it was like but one of my friends had read it let me say I was only I believe 7 ? when it came out! It was my first “BIG” book :)
- Which Film have you watched the most?
I am obsessed with the first one and I mean obsessed!
- What was your Favourite Harry Potter Film?
Sorcers  stone!
- Favourite moment out of all the films?
My favorite moment of all films is when Voldemort says “Kill the Spare” … you all should know this comes from the 4th movie… when he kills Robert Pattison … sorry girls I am all for Harry Potter :)
- If you could be any of the Harry Potter Characters, who would you be and why?
Oh my gosh, I have no clue, I would probably be… Mcgonnagal she is AWESOME, she is a great wizard and is so sweet! At the very beginning of the first book , I always thought she was bad heh.
- If you could learn one thing at Hogwarts, what would it be?
How to do every spell possible!
- Favourite Teacher at Hogwarts?
I fell in love at the very end of the movie with Snape..  I never expected that he loved him so much! It’s perfect!
I tag EVERYONE who is obsessed & in love with Harry Potter :)
Be sure to let me see it!
Xo Victoria
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