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If you follow my Instagram page, you know I was raving about the new Marc Jacobs Lipstick I had purchased from Sephora. The color “Role Play” is all about a classic lip look that looks natural, yet some how sexy at the same time. The color pigment is amazing and it moisturizes your lips perfectly. 

To create the look I am wearing I used contouring to really make my skin look fresh & clean looking. With my go to first step products shown on an old blog post ( check it out here) I go ahead and use my Makeup Forever HD foundation to start the contouring process. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the step by step process, just the finish products I will describe in words :)

I used the Makeup forever product on my forehead, under my eyes, base of my nose and at the bottom of my face and carefully blended it in. I then used my NARS contouring product ( seen on this post) to use the “blush” side on my cheeks and top of my forehead. I then use the illuminizer part “white” to put on the sides of my face, bridge of my nose & under my eye lids to create a contoured look! The best part of this look was the new Marc Jacobs lipstick, it’s hard to really see how beautiful this color is on camera so be sure to check it out at Sephora, you won’t be disappointed! 

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Target always has great things, I go for 1 thing and just “happen” to run by the clothing & shoe department and I find something for a great price and something that you can wear for a long time! 

I fell in LOVE with this Mossimo Sabrina Heels, they are super gorgeous with the suede look and a gold tip and gold zipper these are stunners. These are going to be a great piece in my fall/winter wardrobe to wear with skinnies, leggings, & jumpsuits of course! These are currently on sale this WEEK for only $28!! Seriously, how can you beat that? Regular price is #32.99 but still that is a MAJOR steal! 

What are your favorite finds from Target? 

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Here I come FB

Some people may have noticed, some probably not I am probably the only blogger who does not have a Facebook! YES I said it, I don’t have a facebook. I have had SO many problems in the past socially with facebook that it was just not something I wanted in my life, I found that being a blogger I really need to dedicate myself to all of social media… so here goes nothing https://www.facebook.com/pages/Palmtrees-Happiness/618484528249488


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Rock the party

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I am loving rocks! Seriously, I think I have posted about them probably over a dozen times, and I am not the only one feeling the rock look for jewelry! 

I got these 2 amazing bangles that fit great around my chunky wrist without having to “shove” them on! The blue rock cuff was purchased from one of my favorite Instagram shops called Flauntboutiquetx, which they also have a store available on FB! Don’t you just adore the way it looks? It literally screams rock in a pop of blue! This fabulous bauble bracelet was purchased on Etsy by one of my new favorites sellers Antabellum Baubles! I am obsessed with her work, and I can’t wait to show off some of her designs later on in the posts! 

What do you think about this rock trend going on? Do you love it or hate it?

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Pigs in a blanket


Who doesn’t love pigs in a blanket? I enjoy making them because they are seriously the easiest thing possibly to make! All you need is two ingredients, croissant or dough along with hot dogs thats it! To make these Pigs in a blanket I used regular dough from the italian market to roll up. 

First step was that I flattened the dough to create a flat service, cut them into squares and put uncooked hot dogs inside the dough rolled it up tightly and put it in the oven at 350 degrees. I let them cook for about 15 minutes until golden brown. 

Something quick and delicious for the family, this will allow you to cook a quick meal for the family!

Xo Victoria


My personal experience with plastic surgery

I know I said I wasn’t going to be posting this week due to my surgery that I had on Monday but I feel a bit better to post something quick and something that doesn’t require picture taking :). In 2012 I had decided to get plastic surgery done, not boob implants, not a nose job but liposuction. It was my “jump start” to my new beginning, something that I had wanted for the longest time to help with how I’ve been feeling about my image. Most people don’t know I had lipo, which I choose not to let it known but it has been an experience I can personally never forget.

It was one of the hardest, and most difficult pains I personally have had to go through at a young age, with not even a major surgery behind my belt I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Tears ran down my face as I was waiting to go into surgery begging and praying to anyone I possibly can saying “what was I thinking!” I did  not want go through with this, I was beyond scared but there was nothing I could do, I had to do it!

Thankfully, the plastic surgeon I chose is one of my closest family friends Dr. Brandon Mang that has plastic surgery centers in Pinellas Park, FL ( which is where I went) and Atlanta, Georgia!

I remember faintly that he had told my mom that this was one of his hardest surgeries he has done, with an 8 hour job and sweat going down his face his work was complete. I had a total of 8 incisions, and boy it was hard. With tons of tears, calls, and pain killers later, I some how made it through the hardest and most painful 2 weeks I had. I won’t go into complete details but it took me around 3 months to actual start feeling “normal” again, Constantly wearing a medical gurtle around my stomach, having to have help with bathing, I will have to say, as of today I think of the pro’s and cons of the surgery and think to myself was it really worth it?

I know that next time, I will be mentally and PHYSICALLY ready to have this type of surgery next time.. Don’t rush into anything because YOU feel a need to look or feel better because of what image people want to see. Be healthy, work out & live life in a safe way!

My personal opinion to anyone who has ever considered major liposuction is think about it, is it necessary to get done? Can you work out and get rid of it? Think of all the new ways to loose weight before jumping to the surgery that is hard on your body.

Thank you for stopping by, will post again hopefully sometime this week!

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