Snowball effect ( getting out of debt) wk1

While my blog is based on beauty, fashion and lifestyle I had been contemplating whether or not to submit the post.. People who love to shop and have a life have debt right? I can’t be the only one… Debt is a touchy subject not only for me but for most people in the world. I’ve decided I will keep Monday as my “Shunday Monday” post on my updating financial situation while using the snowball effect.

The snowball effect is when you write all your debt down from lowest amount  to highest ( some people use interest rates but I prefer amounts). So for instance you have 4 CC’s one that is 6k, 1k, 500, and 3.2k order them from least amount to greatest and begin the snowball. Have a budge seriously you NEED a budget! I have set aside $600 from EACH paycheck just for bills I have about 18k-21k ( I can’t remember off the top of my head)  in debt from hospital bills, student loans, CC bills. I pay the minimum on all bills and use the last chunk of money left over to pay on the lowest card so it get’s paid off faster ( and it feels great) I have 3 bills I take out of my 15th paycheck and 4 out of my 30th pay.

The whole point of this is to pay off debt so don’t use your cards at all! According to my calculations by the 13th of February ( not including any extra money I may receive aka tax return/bonus) I will have 1 card paid off! ( Happy dance).

Hopefully I will help someone out who is in dire need of feeling freed from owing money and inspire some that may want to but afraid to!


  1. T- 661.19 < —— 1st to go!
  2. BY- 1032
  3. BA1-1266
  4. NM-2273
  5. SR-2648
  6. BA2- 4960
  7. DSC-5430
  8. misc- 446 ( not included to pay off)


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Clinique Sonic Brush System

IMG_1771 IMG_1772

I have been debating between the Clarisonic and the Clinique cleansing systems. While making a pros and cons list, I decided to take the plunge and buy the Clinique and I am BEYOND happy with it! Not only does the Clinique brush last and keep a charge longer then the Clarisonic but it is cheaper! It automatically shuts off when you should be done cleansing your face and I feel all the gook and dirt come off my skin so much better then using your hands and a sponge to cleanse. The vibration felt weird at first, not going to lie but it was invigorating!

Which cleansing system do you have?

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EOS Hand Lotion


If you are like me, you are obsessed with the EOS lipbalm and how cute the little egg shaped chapstick is. It not only moisturizes well but they have different types that do different things for your lips. When I was at target browsing I noticed it quite quickly looking like a flat egg and it was EOS hand lotion! I had to try it obviously, it’s a great travel size lotion that feels amazing on your hands without the grease, helped my hands feel renewed and had a great smell.

Now that I found my new favorite product.. hopefully I don’t lose it like every chapstick product I’ve ever owned :)

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